Who’s Who at Ten Points

A short list of the characters of The Incubus and The Others:

TEN POINTS:  The backbone of the story.  A three-story plantation home of Greek revival and Italianate architectural style.  It sits north of Monroe, Louisiana, upon acreage that was once a cotton plantation back in the 1800’s — when the estate originated within past generations of the Lanehart/Ogden families.  Many of the surrounding acres were sold off after the Civil War and Reconstruction, but the main house and its existing property have remained in the family ever since.

Marcus Lanehart:  36 years old; the middle child of Maximilian and the late Jessica Lanehart; gay; estranged from his family for five years after his sexuality is revealed.  He  returns home from the West Coast after his father’s sudden death …

Flannery Lanehart: 34 years old; the youngest of the three Lanehart children.  Also estranged from the family, following the exposure of her affair with married U.S. Senator Frank Castille.  And then there’s that other secret of hers only a select few know about …

Geoffrey Lanehart: 41 years old; the oldest of Maximilian Lanehart’s three children.  He’s the golden child; the one who never let his father down.  Sure, he has plenty of indiscretions, but he’s much better than his brother and sister at keeping them hidden.  He stands to inherit everything after his father’s death, and he won’t let his wayward siblings come between him and what he feels is rightfully his … And there are those secret dealings with Conrad — and the promise of something much greater than the Lanehart fortune within his grasp.

Tilda Lanehart:  40 years old; Geoffrey’s wife; her husband neglects her much of the time; she has booze and cigarettes to keep her company, but middle age is approaching, and she wishes she could turn back the clock.  She will soon learn the hard way to watch out what she wishes for ….

Travis Lanehart:  17 years old;  son of Tilda and stepson of Geoffrey; Goth wannabe, with dyed black hair, a blue streak down the middle, dark clothing, and multiple piercings.  He pretends to be a badass, goes against the norm of other kids his age in north Louisiana, and openly rebels against his parents–he even dates a girl outside his race to rile prejudiced feathers.  But underneath the surface lies emptiness, isolation, and the hurt of lack of identity and never knowing who his biological father is/was.

D’Lynn: late 60’s; the faithful and loyal head housekeeper at Ten Points who took over motherly duties of Marcus, Flannery, and Geoffrey, after Jessica Lanehart’s untimely death years ago.  (no more about Jessica–you’ll have to read the book for that …)

Maximilian Lanehart:  Dead at age 72; the bigoted but wealthy patriarch of the Lanehart clan.  He was old money; it came from the generations before him.  First from cotton in the 1800’s, and then other businesses and family holdings through the 20th and into the 21st century.  Maximilian is seen mostly in flashbacks — mostly …

Aunt Hattie: Late 60’s, but she doesn’t want you to know that!  Maximilian’s flamboyant younger sister.  She’s been nipped, tucked, and married a few times, but she has a heart of gold and is the opposite of her brother.  She is loving toward her family and shows up at Ten Points, the house she grew up in, as a guest after her brother’s untimely death.  She has an eye for younger men, and that brings us to ….

CONRAD:  Age unknown, but he appears late 20’s on the surface.  But only on the surface.  Who is he?  What is he?  The Incubus of the title.  Extremely charming, good-looking, and oozing sex appeal.  He takes over Ten Points, and all the secret meetings with Geoffrey and Lanehart family attorney James Ruffin, III, underscore a more sinister agenda only the three men know about.  When Conrad’s manipulation of the household turns sadistic–and sexual–none of the others will be safe, especially those who stand between him and what it is he really wants.  Marcus resists the charms, and it is only through dreams that Conrad is able to break into the other man’s psyche.  After Conrad’s true nature and origins are revealed, all hell breaks loose–literally.

The Unnamed Ghost Child:  He appears to be only about five years old–at the very oldest. He only shows up when it’s dark.  He begs not to be put back into the wall …

Izzy: Early to mid-50’s; she hasn’t been a part of Ten Points in years, yet she knows all the goings-on there without being physically present inside the great house.  The welfare of Marcus and his siblings deeply concerns her. She gets especially emotional about one of them. Why is that …? 

Katarina Castille:  U.S. Senator Frank Castille’s wife.  Former New York runway model; age unknown. Flannery guesses Mrs. Castille has to be at least ten years older than she is.  But why does Katarina still look the same age as Flannery?  A woman scorned by her husband’s scandalous affair, she soon proves she isn’t above anything–not even murder–to make those pay who cross her path and tread into her territory.  And before it is all over, Flannery–or even Katarina herself–could pay the ultimate price.

Sen. Frank Castille: 41 years old; a rising political star in his party. New Orleans-based when he isn’t in Washington. Success isn’t coming fast enough for his liking.  How can Conrad help him with that?  Or is Conrad only there to help himself to Flannery, the mistress?

That and much more on July 28, 2016 …


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