Thoughts on the day before my book’s release … 

The Incubus and The Others goes out into the world with a legitimate publisher behind it in just a matter of hours. I started writing the novel the first week of November 2014. There is an entire blog post on my website (in case you’re reading this on Facebook or Twitter and not my site) called “The Incubus and Me” that discusses what led up to my creation of this book and its world and characters.

My “test readers” as I wrote were my youngest brother and one of my uncles. Andy and Matt, thank you for your encouragement. They read a very early rough draft, so even they will see a different version when they read it again in its published form. A big thanks to Lamar Walters, an attorney with an undergrad English degree, who spent hours copy editing the manuscript for me before the novel was self-published on Kindle Direct Publishing in June of 2015. 

I removed the novel from KDP when I finally found an interested publisher  — after NUMEROUS rejections from other places.

Everybody and their brother these days has written and self-published a book on Kindle Direct. About EIGHT MILLION books (I’ve been told) are floating around on KDP. I knew I had to keep sending queries and looking for a legitimate publishing house. The big three (or big four, not sure–almost all of the big publishers from days past have merged into fewer and larger corporations) are almost impossible to break into without a literary agent, or an inside person like an editor.  Agents can be extremely difficult to find if you have no proven track record in the literary world.  

Outside of queries and submissions to agents, I also wrote and submitted to publishing house editors and smaller, independent houses with no luck. 

I KNEW I had something on my hands that deserved a bigger platform. I persisted. I REFUSED to give up! In late March I received an email from Black Rose Writing, one of the indie houses where I submitted. Their reply was in my inbox a couple of weeks before I saw it. I assumed it was yet another rejection, but lo and behold, an acquisitions agent with BRW had read the manuscript, liked it, and recommended it for publication.  

After careful review I signed a contact with BRW on April 18th. 

The rest — I hope — will be history. 

My sincerest thanks to Reagan Rothe and the folks at Black Rose Writing who opened a door for me. 

My deepest thanks to those who bought and read the book on KDP last summer before I removed it. It has gone through another round of edits before this publication, so I invite you to read it again. 

My thanks in advance to those who will read it. It is part one of a series that I believe with everything inside me will find an audience–however big or small. I’m an open door so I would love an email, instant message, and an online review (good or bad — yes, I would rather have a BAD review than ZERO reviews) on Amazon or Goodreads. They are both wonderful sites where you can connect with other readers and discover other books out there.

Whether ten people read it, or ten thousand, I make a pledge right now to always be accessible and available by email, messenger, or tweet to readers who take time out of their day to read my book. I may not IMMEDIATELY answer or reply, but I will answer or reply as quickly as I can and will always be eager to hear your thoughts. 

I did not dedicate The Incubus and The Others to one specific person. Instead, I dedicated it to those of you who do read it. If you read the blog post on my page, “The Incubus and Me”, it may help you understand my reason behind dedicating it to readers a little better. I include the dedication page of The Incubus and The Others in this post.

The paperback is available Thursday, July 28th. The e-book version for e-readers one week later.

Thanks to everyone who has offered me support and encouragement in this venture. I named a few people but there are so many more. If I try to name everyone I will leave someone out by mistake. 

Have a blessed week,
Trent St. Germain


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