Writing Tips – The Carter Seagrove Project

Writing Tips from The Carter Seagrove Project. I love hearing these kinds of things from other writers. I often pull some here and there from different sources and work them into my own method.

kevin klehr - author

About a month ago author Alp Mortal wrote a guest blog about the joys of collaboration as part of the Carter Seagrove Project. You can read that post here.

The project is a collective of mostly writers who have also extended their creative tentacles to include a photographer, a filmmaker, and anyone else in a bid to explore the realm of artistic engagement through social media.

Besides Alp, their base group consists of Chambers Mars, Shannon Kirkland and Morgan Starr. Here’s how they all contributed to this guest blog.

Carter5Carter1One of our guest blogger's own books

Kevin invited the four authors of The Carter Seagrove Project to contribute their top three writing tips. We sat down over Skype and came up with our top 12 tips for writers. They are not presented in any particular order of priority or preference.

  1. Write the story you want to write, not the story that you think the reader wants to read…

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