Writing Tips – Trent St. Germain

My guest blog from 9/19/2016 at kevinklehr.com … Please visit his site.

kevin klehr - author

According to this week’s guest author, Trent St. Germain, he is a graduate of the University of Louisiana at Monroe and enjoys the gym (not hard to see that his efforts are paying off ;~j), running, other outdoor activities, and reading when he isn’t writing. He is also a self-proclaimed “pop culture nerd,” and warns us not to get him started on anything 1980’s!

Below are his author tips.

Trent St. Germain Trent St. Germain

WRITE. This is where it all begins, and even if it turns out to be something you don’t think anyone else will ever want to read, it doesn’t matter … put it on paper, on a document page in a word processing program, or in your doodle book. Not to sound cliché, but writing makes a writer. I used to trash things I didn’t think were worth holding on to, but I no longer do that. What you may think stinks today…

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