I left many of you hanging in 2016, at the conclusion of The Incubus and The Others, book one.  It’s time to return to Ten Points, the 198-year-old former cotton plantation north of Monroe, Louisiana, that the Lanehart family, and its past generations, have called home.  There are some familiar faces, as well as some new ones, this time around (and not all of them will make it to book three).  I didn’t include all characters, but this should provide some insight …

The setting is November 2015, seven months after the events of book one:

FLANNERY LANEHART:  The youngest of the Lanehart children, she was the secret daughter Maximilian Lanehart sired, when he raped black housekeeper Izzy after a holiday party in 1979.  When Maximilian’s wife Jessica gave birth to a stillborn son at the same time Flannery was born, he stole the baby from Izzy and switched Flannery with his dead son.  She was pale enough to pass for white.  She’s even paler these days, thanks to an attack by Katarina Castille in The Incubus and The Others.  Flannery is thirty-five years old, but thanks to Katarina, she will physically be forever twenty-nine.  She’s been back at Ten Points since her father Maximilian’s death.  She sleeps in the basement by day.

At night?  Well, not so much.

KATARINA GERHARDSSON CASTILLE:  Swedish former runway model, former wife of U.S. Senator Frank Castille, tasks that were both accomplished under the cover of night.  She may be beautiful, blonde, and leggy, but she’s three hundred forty-seven years old.  And now she’s taken up residence at Ten Points, following her resurrection from the bottom of Lake Pontchartrain, where she was dumped by the demonic Conrad and Flannery in The Incubus and The Others.  Does she want revenge … and what exactly does Katarina the killer know about Ten Points?  What is the dark secret of the estate that has slipped by the current generation of Laneharts?

A trip back to 1697 Sweden also reveals the roots of Katarina’s fascination with one of the youngest members of the Ten Points household.  But her unwitting slip of some old human feelings can’t erase the murderous streak that lies within her undead and withered heart.

DR. REMY VAN BUREN: Identical twin brother of Jimmy Van Buren, the Hollywood star wannabe-turned-hustler, whose body Conrad possessed and inhabited in The Incubus and The Others. Jimmy/Conrad hasn’t been seen since the climax of book one.  But, he was last seen at Ten Points, so that’s where Remy arrives, searching for answers.  Flannery catches his eye, and she may have to use that—and seduction—to her advantage, to protect her family from incrimination, when it comes to the truth about Jimmy Van Buren’s disappearance.

MARCUS LANEHART:  The middle Lanehart child and protagonist of The Incubus and The Others, Marcus’s appearance in Katarina The Killer is a little less front and center, when, in his grief and drunkenness, the thirty-seven year old does something terrible …

TRAVIS LANEHART:  He’s orphaned and under the guardianship of his Uncle Marcus.  The seventeen-year-old goth kid finds himself an even more alienated outcast, in even more danger, when adult supervision at Ten Points starts to run low.

D.C. CUNNINGHAM:  The hunky, gay twenty-five-year-old country boy and groundskeeper woos Marcus Lanehart but may fall into someone else’s deadly crosshairs before he succeeds.

CONRAD:  He finds his way back to Ten Points.  And that’s all you need to know.  For now.

DEPUTY WES WASHER:  Flannery’s former high school classmate from years back who unknowingly serves as her occasional snack when the local blood supply runs low.  She’s not only erased his mind of her frequent feedings but also what he saw at the house during the climax of The Incubus and The Others.  Will any memories come flooding back?  And, if he ever finds out the truth of what really happened to Jimmy Van Buren, he’ll have to decide whether he’s beholden to upholding the law, to Flannery, to his friendship with the Lanehart, family, or ….

REVEREND WILKINS WASHER:  Wes’s hardline zealot of a father.  He’s willing to lead some souls at Ten Points to salvation, and let others be cast elsewhere.  He’s getting up in years and is expanding around the middle, since deep-fried gluttony isn’t a sin in the Deep South.

CLEMENTINE LEMONDE:  Flannery’s high school nemesis.  She’s spent years trying to win over Wes Washer.  Will she finally succeed … and what exactly is it that puts this ‘plain Jane’ back into the lives of the Lanehart family?

IZZY:  Flannery’s birth mother.  They were kept apart for years, but that doesn’t mean Izzy hasn’t been able to keep tabs on her daughter or the goings-on at Ten Points.  What exactly does she know this time around?  Will that knowledge cross the radar of a deadly Katarina?

MAXINE LANEHART:  The ten-year-old youngest member of the family.  Travis’s little sister.  Like her brother, she’s lost much of her family, and it grows worse under Marcus’s fragile guardianship.  It also turns out that her newest imaginary friend in the great house of Ten Points may be more real than anyone else believes.

SCARLETT:  Dyed black hair, piercing blue eyes, and a striking resemblance to fellow teen Travis.  Her appearance in the woods of Ten Points sets off the Hybrid storyline.  Who is she?  Where does she live?  And what is her connection to the old abandoned well in the woods?

ALEXANDER LANEHART:  Who is he, and what is his connection to ….

KATARINA THE KILLER, coming June 7, 2018



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